This book is a completely never seen text, it comes from a direct connection with horses, where for the first time in history, the human is just a transcriber of the messages that this noble animals have decided to send us.

The information in this book proceeds from the thoughts and feelings of foals, mares, sport horses, stallions… they have the willing to share them with us so that we can improve their wellbeing and their quality of life, and we the human can get the maximum benefits from interacting and living together with this wonderful animal.

A helpful and didactic book of more than 700 pages where horses clearly answer a wide range of questions that will help us to open the view that we have about them and that will help us to have a closer connection to improve the apprehension and the understanding in the relations that we sat with them: how do they face training?, how do they guide themselves in nature?, how can we communicate with them?, how getting tame affects them?, how do they perceive people’s thoughts and intentions?, how can they work in therapy for humans?, how can we help in their learning process?...

A book that is not only focused to professionals or fans of the horse world, but also to everyone that would like to know better all the animals.

Number of pages 734 (color)
Bookbinding Softcover Stitched
Language Spanish
ISBN-13 978-84-608-9600-5


A 734 pages book with HD images

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